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In the beginning (1882), the Home of Bogey (Great Yarmouth & Caister Golf Club), boasted only 12 holes, six out and six back and later that year another hole (at the turn) was added. By the end of 1883, with sufficient funds available, the club rented a club room over a local hostelry and commissioned the full 18 hole course to be laid out by the notable North Berwick professional, Tom Dunn.

In those early days it was usual to favour golf holes with names and Great Yarmouth & Caister was no exception. Such names, some of them highly aristocratic such as the ‘Nelson’, the ‘Wellington’ accompanied by the ‘Gate-hole’ , the ‘Bunker, the ‘Forth Bridge’ the ‘Short’ and the ‘Windmill’. Sadly these are now no longer used. The course record in 1890 was recorded by that most famous of amateur golfers Mr Horace G. Hutchinson with a medal score of 76, a prodigious feat when considering the terrain and equipment available.

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